How does the site work.

The site embeds text on to an image, then you can email it from your own 

email address. 


To login to the site click here: https://11metereqsl.xyz/membership_signup.php

Upload an Image

You need to upload a background image for your eQSL card.

Please be aware, were the text is placed on the final card

(Along the bottom and top left)

 Your image MUST be 600px by 400px and no bigger than 200kbs.

Populate a card

To populate a card, fill in the fields. then click "Save changes".

If you are not happy, change what you need, then click 

"Save changes" once more,

Preview QSL

You then click the "Preview EQSL" button to check if the card has the 

layout you expected.

If you need to change something, click on your 

browser back button and make the changes you want 

then once more, click "save changes" and Preview EQSL" once more

Make your card

If you are happy with your card, you now click the "render EQSL" Button,

This mergers the background and text to make one single image

Download your card 

Finally, Click "Download EQSL" to save the finished card to your computer.

You can now use your personal email to forward your eQSL to your radio contact

Why can't I email the card of the site?

To email the card of this site costs bandwidth and bandwidth costs money

and money's too tight to mention :) 

I have more questions

If you need more help. join the message board here :https://cluster.freeforums.net/#category-4

and post your question there or, email me to admin (at) dx27.net